My name is James Wooldridge. I’m an independent IT professional trading as Layer7 since the early naughties.

I’ve a passion for Internet technologies and a creative streak that has led me into design and multimedia. With an eye for detail and skills to manage the spaces between teams of experts, I enjoy managing complex multi-disciplined projects and consulting on interactive applications. I also keep my design and development skills up to date by building the occasional website, Flash interaction or writing a bit of JavaScript.

There are 4 areas that have continued to capture my imagination and fuel my desire to work in the dynamic and rewarding world of the digital revolution…



From fridge sized mainframes of the 80’s, wading ankle deep in a sea of coax to the cable. To the HTC smart-phones and  802.11N wi-fi of today. It’s always been about the toys; the things you can create with them, the problems you can solve and the lives you can enhance.


Fun to create, entertaining and educational. What’s not to like about eLearning. The transition from CD ROM training software to pushing interactive training out via the Internet. We compressed video, pre-loading images and used every trick we could think of to deliver content across the web. With possibilities of today’s broadband and high speed mobile devices, we’re only just getting started.


I remember the days of grey pages in your Netscape browser, and now we’re at the dawn of on-demand computing via you TV, camera, phone and tablet, I’ve enjoyed every step along the way. The Internet’s had a fundamental affect on the way the world works, plays, live and loves. I wouldn’t have it any other way. ‘Embrace the cloud’.


If there’s anything responsible for getting the computers out of the Accounts department and into your homes, pockets and bags it’s multimedia. Let’s face it games, video, interactive training and voice over IP make computers fun, drive innovative change and enrich our lives.